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"MAKESURE is specially designed for urban cat owners. It turns your cat toilet into a beautiful item of home furnishing that blends into even the most stylish living environment. "

——iF Design Award 2020

Furfriend's Voice

Cream Lynx Ragdoll, United States


One thing that I always look for when I buy cat products, is that it looks attractive and hopefully fits with my interior. Sometimes it’s just really hard. Either the item will be very obvious that it’s a cat toy…or it’s extremely overpriced. I discovered @makesurepet_official through a furfriends ❤️ they make beautiful cat products!

Luxury Private Shopper, France


I love makesure's spirit and their products have an innovative approach to pets decor.

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MAKESURE team always supports in the idea of ”harmonious life shared with people and pets”, offering unique and practical designs with curiosity and passion.