Most Award-Winning, User-friendly MAKESURE Cat Litter Box

$169.90 USD
$129.00 USD
An ideal and elegant cat litter box without hiding in your beautiful house. 

We designed everything in detail and handy to meet all you and your cat(s)‘needs:

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 Hand Drafting:

  • It's not ideal for heavy cats or breeds over 14 lbs(6.5kg).
  • Best used with aggregating litters like tofu or bentonite. Mixing used litter helps cats adjust faster.
  • A loose entryway is normal due to its removable design.
  • Handle the tray from both sides when pushing.
  • The light green variant is limited; confirm availability at
  • Outside the US and EU, customers cover any tax/import fees. 
  • Return & Refund: For the health and safety of our feline friends, we cannot accept returns on cat litter boxes. More info: Refund policy – makesurepet
  • For undelivered items or delivery discrepancies, contact us within 45 days of ordering at
    • Leaking Solutions: 
    • or watch it:

    iF Design Award (2019)

    "it gets around the biggest issue with cat boxes: the tendency for the cat to carry soiled litter from the box on its paws. As your cat exits the toilet along the sand filter aisle, it naturally opens its paws, releasing any litter trapped there."

    Golden Pin Design Award (2020) Winner

    "The minimalistic litter box was designed to be a convenient addition to your family home, while also giving your furry family member a “home within a home”.

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