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Thanks for choosing makesure®.

Hello,  my furriends. I'm MaShu or you can call me "makesure".
Yes, you guess right.
I am the real CEO of makesure®.

My father (the cheif designer) adopted me in 2017 and was always busy and lonely before.

Everything changed after having me. 
He always tries his best to share everthing good with me: food, bed, furniture, bowls......and most importantly, time.



MY 0.5-YEAR-OLD BIRTHDAY                                 2018

But soon he found few things on the market can satisify both of our needs. Some are fancy but either too expensive or too useless.

Finally, he decided to design by himself (a great benefit of having a designer as cat father) and established makesure®.

Then, the first and most award-winning product named after me was born in 2019: makesure® cat litter boxI love it so much and still use it until now!  Hope you also enjoy it.

Welcome to join makesure® family!


  • Laura said:

    Hi there,

    This is Laura, how are you? I’m about to open several pet stores around Europe (Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich). I’ve discovered your brand online and I really like your designs. I’m considering adding a selection in my upcoming stores.

    How could I access the wholesale catalogue? Is there any Distributor in these countries that I could get in touch with?

    Thanks in advanced
    Laura Bertrán

    April 12, 2024

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Now makesure® ambassdor application is open to worldwide.

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