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Nice Accessory

“Perfect solution when there is no separate place for an ordinary (usually ugly) litter box. Like us, you have a cat that stubbornly insists that the litter box should be in the living room, this one is definitely recommended ....”

INS@catsandfreckles Netherlands

En ik vind hem zelf ook heel erg leuk 😻

Het nieuwe meubel van @makesurepet_official is goedgekeurd door de 3 catfluencers in huis. En ik vind hem zelf ook heel erg leuk 😻

The new furniture from @makesurepet_official has been approved by the 3 catfluencers in the house. And I really like it myself 😻

INS@spike_the_crazy_dog, Italy

Very Big

I finally found a litter box that looks great! It's also very big so it's perfect if you have a big cat 🐈‍⬛or more cats.🐱


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