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2023NEW-makesure All-in-One Cat Scratching White House: Ultimate Play, Scratch & Nap

$59.90 USD
$39.90 USD
  • A newly-designed scratcher, playground and napping spot all rolled into one, this pet paradise will be your cat's go-to destination when they're in the mood to have fun, flex their claws, or take a catnap. Purr-fect!

  • Spoil your kitty with the makesure All-in-One Cat Scratching White House!

High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable and eco-friendly materials, this cat scratching box is designed to withstand sharp claws and vigorous play, offering excellent longevity and value for money. 

Multi-Purpose Design: This innovative furniture combines a scratching surface, a play area, and a sleeping spot in one compact and stylish design. It keeps your cat entertained and comfortable, promoting healthy behaviors and reducing the likelihood of furniture damage.

Comfort for Cats: With a spacious interior (0.15㎡) and a inviting house shape, it doubles as a cozy spot for naps and relaxation. The box's design ensures a sense of security and tranquility for your cat, making it the perfect sleep spot after a long play session.

Easy Setup: Our scratching box is always easy to set up, so your feline friend can start enjoying it right away. Its lightweight, portable design allows you to place it anywhere in your home with ease.

Stylish Appearance: Its modern design makes it a tasteful addition to any home decor, seamlessly blending with your living space while providing a dedicated area for your cat's activities.

Kitty's Voice

@mashu_bigbuttbro :
"When you have a "gym pawtner" (aka BAIBAI) coliving with, it is a must to have a multifunctional scractching furniture (aka makesure BAIBAI) at home."

Hey Hooman, can you see me ?


One cat, one house.

Shared joy to be continued...


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