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YUMMY 2in1 makesure cat bowls–food&water-anti-vomiting, protect spine

$21.90 USD
YUMMY: one 10 out of 10 ceramic cat bowl set for our feline friends to eat and drink in a comfortable way that they enjoy. What makes the bowls special is its shallow elevated design for whisker fatigue relief and helping protect spine and joints.

Inspired by the food “Donut”, we believe this cute makesure cat bowl to light up your home decor.  Manufactured from the top ceramic – each piece is guaranteed pet-safe.


Hand drafting:



▶ High-quality-Durable accessory-hygienic, easy to wash, microwave safe
▶ Appearance-Yummy signal-Two sweet color (Sakura Pink + Jade Green) but four match available
▶ Versatility- Constant companion with multi-functional design

▶ 2in1 design to protect cats' neck —When they grow up

Designer's Voice

MaShu always found difficulty in eating with his eyes open because his face is a bit flat. The bowls we used before were either too shallow or deep for him. Simply, I made a new bowl to bring him less discomfort while eating or drinking.”       

Thanks to the bayonet fitting structure, it is easy to connect the two separate bowls  comfortably to your cats’ feeding place.


As its name shows, this donuts-shaped bowl looks YUMMY already! And as always, material quality is our top concern. We want your cats' diet to flow in a hygienic and elegant style as it should be.


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