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makesure® LITE Large Cat Litter Box - Large, Safe and Sturdy-Blue,Green &White

$89.90 USD
$69.90 USD

Launched in September 2022, this new cat litter box quickly became a best-seller and has remained so for two months. It is lightweight yet larger and thicker, with two colors (blue and green) currently available.

In addition, you can pair it with our paw-some mat to reduce litter or sand leakage.

💚Make sure to LITE your cat's pooping experience 💙



① 【20CM】Extra High & Extra Wide 360°Friendly for BIG Size Naughty Cats
② 【6MM】Extra Thick Sourced from Solid PP Material
③ Color Pallettes: Sky Blue&Grass Green Avaiable

④ Movable Hook and Scoop

⑤ Mat Optional

Must Know

Currently, this product is only available from the stock in our Asian warehouse. In normal circumstances, it takes 15-30 working days on delievery if you order outside Asia. However, this highly depend on the uncertain shipping conditions due to covid, there could be unexpected delay. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for the orders that arrive late. We don’t recommend ordering the new products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Thanks for understanding!

lite gift

Free Space for 15kg(+) Cats

•Keep House Clean & Pretty
•Longer Product Cycle


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