makesure Large Litter Box Scoop-Drawable&Replaceable

$169.90 USD
$13.50 USD

Worry about if the scoop is broken or you find one more is better?

Here what we can offer: makesure Exclusive Cat Litter Scoop:  (Green&White).

  • Made of top premium PP material, no smell, and solid, can be replaced easily.  
  • User Friendly Handle: Specially designed handle makes this Large scoop surprisingly easy to hold
  • Only available in the EU regions and America

▶Please double confirm with our customer support team if needed.

▶Shipping fee and delivery time vary depending on your address.


iF Design Award (2019)

"it gets around the biggest issue with cat boxes: the tendency for the cat to carry soiled litter from the box on its paws. As your cat exits the toilet along the sand filter aisle, it naturally opens its paws, releasing any litter trapped there."

Golden Pin Design Award (2020) Winner

"The minimalistic litter box was designed to be a convenient addition to your family home, while also giving your furry family member a “home within a home”.

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