makesure® 2-in-1 Pet Comb - Professional Cat & Dog Grooming Tool with Dual-Head Design for Safe & Gentle Removal of Matted Fur

$19.90 USD
$8.90 USD

Happy to introduce makesure® 2-in-1 Pet Comb, recipient of the iF Design Award 2022 Winner , to all the pet lovers ! 

Perfect for at-home grooming, this dual-head comb features both long and short teeth for efficient shedding, detangling, and massage. With a V-shaped spacing to effectively remove loose hair, undercoat, and dander, and a button-release mechanism for easy cleaning, this pet comb is both practical and stylish. Two colors available now for cuties.

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💛Make sure to stay away from hairball disease.💚 



1️⃣ Our First Design for Dogs & Cats
2️⃣ Dual-head Structure with Long & Short Teeth
3️⃣ Simple Appearance with Multiple Usage: Detangling ·Smoothing ·Massaging
4️⃣ High-quality and Environment-friendly Materials
5️⃣ Inside Button: Clean In One Click
🌈Color Pallettes

Designer's Voice

Make sure to help you to stay away from hairball disease with our sweet comb.


It is a fancy must for a modern and clean pet family.

Check out a detailed video to see how it works and how @purrfectinfluencer enjoyed it