makesure 4 in 1 MIX Cat Litter, Flushable, Odor Free, Activated Carbon, Ultra Absorbent and Fast Clumping

$29.90 USD

Yes, we now have our own cat litter!----makesure 4 in 1 MIX Cat Litter  (2.5kg/bag)

  • It is made from all-natural ingredients
    • 1.5mm tofu litter
    • corn starch
    • activated carbon & deodorant particles (help control odor)
    • bentonite litter
  • Water-soluble and flushable
  • Clumps quickly and can be scooped easily

 It is compatible with all types of cat litter boxes, and is best suited for our Makesure cat litter box, LITE, and MAX. 

💚Make sure to MIX it for a better potty experience for your kitty 💚."

Please note that due to stock and shipping availability, this product is currently only available for purchase in mainland China. We are working on figuring it out. Thank you!

Must Know

Currently, this product is only available from the stock in our Asian warehouse. In normal circumstances, it takes 15-30 working days on delievery if you order outside Asia. However, this highly depend on the uncertain shipping conditions due to covid, there could be unexpected delay. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for the orders that arrive late. We don’t recommend ordering the new products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Thanks for understanding!


we MIX it.

🌟Less Dust 🌟Better Pooping