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Tower makesure® Cat Tree

$599.90 USD
600*400*1800mm (W*D*H)

MAKESURE® cat tree (iF Design Award 2022 Winner) is a multifunctional pet furniture shared by people and their feline friends for climbing, storing and playing.

Cats can not only explore various climbing pathways but enjoy cozy resting anywhere they prefer. It also offers a flexible storage solution for humans featured with cabinet-shape and module-inside design.

Out of stock due to the material shortage.

Please make sure to double-check with the customer support ( if you are outside of Asian region.

Thank you for understanding.


⭐Ingenious Fur-niture Designed

for Pet-friendly&Multi-cat Household

Minimalism Vibe -Furniturable Quality -
Flexible Functions

⭐ Simply but Stably Assembly

⭐ 100% Real Wood Body-Each Component Is Sourced Sustainably and Replaceable, E0 Grade

⭐ Compatible with Storage Function for Household Goods without Covering Extra Space.

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Currently, this cat tree is only available from the stock in our Asian warehouse. In normal circumstances, it takes 20-30 working days on delievery if you order outside Asia. However, this highly depends on the uncertain shipping conditions due to Covid-19, there could be unexpected delay. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for the orders that arrive late. We don’t recommend ordering the new products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Thanks for understanding!

100% Stable Safe Quality--All Steps are double fitted with  prepared accessories;  Maximum Load: 15 kg

makesure® cat tree

Taking up only 0.24㎡ on the floor, it achieves to win the greatest vertical space utilization. Besides, it creates diverse interactive “windows” for humans and cats’ co-playing.

by @iF DESIGH AWARD 2022


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