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Are you getting lost in the journey of looking for stylish products with a modern and sustainable design vision in the pet supplies or furniture industry? Do you desire to take your venture to a whole new level with a globally awarded brand? 

Look no further than us --- MAKESURE BRAND.

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We invite you to join hands with MAKESURE, a name synonymous with our own cat (Mashu), quality, style, success, and eco-friendliness. Here's your golden opportunity to become a direct reseller of MAKESURE pet products and benefit from a plethora of advantages that are designed to elevate your business.

Why Partner with MAKESURE ?

1. Reliable Designer & Manufacturer with International Design Awards

MAKESURE is not just a brand; it's a mark of excellence. Our commitment to high-quality and innovative design has won us several International Design Awards. (Half of its series has won tens of national or international awards since its birth in 2018.) When you become our reseller, you associate yourself with a brand that has been recognized and celebrated globally, reassuring your customers that they are purchasing from a world-class supplier.

makesure awards

2. Availability for Sponsored Influencer Collaboration

In the age of social media, influencer collaboration can boost your visibility and brand recognition manifold. As a MAKESURE direct reseller, you have the opportunity to engage with influencers through sponsored collaborations, paving the way for targeted marketing that reaches your potential customers directly.

3. Efficient Customer Support System for Troubleshooting

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our efficient customer support system is always on standby to assist you. From troubleshooting to inquiries, our dedicated team of professionals ensures that you receive quick and reliable service, facilitating a seamless reselling experience.

makesure customer review

4. Free and High-quality Marketing Materials

Marketing is essential for business growth, and quality matters. MAKESURE provides you free access to high-quality marketing materials, including photos, videos, and more. These professionally crafted resources can significantly enhance your promotional activities and elevate your brand's perception.

makesure pet comb

5. Co-branding Primary Privilege for Exclusive You 

We value our partnerships and believe in growing together. For orders over 1,000 PCs on one product, we provide the privilege of co-branding. More information will be provided once you ensure the order amount. It's an exclusive opportunity to strengthen your brand identity and align yourself with a renowned name. 

Join Us Today

Becoming a MAKESURE direct reseller is a decision that aligns you with a successful global brand, bringing with it unparalleled benefits that are tailored to support and grow your business. Leverage our expertise, recognition, and resources to your advantage.

Make the smart move. Make sure you choose Makesure.

Contact us today to learn more about this incredible opportunity or to begin the journey towards a prosperous partnership. We're ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your association with MAKESURE is not only fruitful but also an enjoyable experience.

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Makesurepet Team

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