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Thanks to the inspirations from MA SHU (simialr prounication as "makesure"),  an adorable cat rasied by our cheif deisgner, ZHANG HAIZHOU, Lesure company and its fully IP-owned deisgn brand makesure® (ms!) were born in 2018.

After thousands of drafts and sample testing, we released the first most popular product: makesure litter box, which won iF Design Award 2020 and Golden Pin Design Award 2019.


Until now, makesure® team has already designed a series of stylish and sensible collections including eco-friendly Makesure (MS!) Litter Box, Cat Tower, DAFU Cat Bed, Hola Cat Toy, etc. Besides, more than 230 distributors have joined MS! brand family to sell them all over the world (30 of them are outside mainland China). 

In 2020, our young team set up Lesure’s twin company Monsure to expand its oversea business. One year later, we launched makesure® own shops on Amazon (both in the US and EU) and are still growing.


  • Unique from the common pet products, makesure® designs are featured with “a perfect combination of elegant design and practical functions”.
  • MAKESURE® cares about the environmental cost during the whole supply chain for an energy-saving society.
  • 40% of makesure® revenue is spent on design innovation every year.
  • Offering minimalist designs with maximal mental&functional experience


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