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makesure DAFU 4in1 Cat Bed Sofa, Chair, Swing-Comfy& Practical

$99.90 USD
$89.90 USD

A multi-functional cathouse that can be used in at least four ways for all seasons.

 "Heating" and "cooling" modes are available with the hollow cushion.

The white option is estimated restock date: March 2024. Thanks for your patience!



▶ 4IN1 design to fit cat's different preferences

▶ Combination of aesthetics and functionality

▶ Longer product life cycle than a traditional single piece

▶ Adjustable modes with water or ice for all seasons

▶ High-quality materials obtained in a sustainable way

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Currently, this Dafu bed is only available from the stock in our Asian warehouse. In normal circumstances, it takes 20-30 working days on delievery if you order outside Asia. However, this highly depend on the uncertain shipping conditions due to covid, there could be unexpected delay. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for the orders that arrive late. We don’t recommend ordering the new products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Thanks for understanding!

The cushion is heatable with warm or hot water filling in. Your cats won't leave it in the cold days. Photo by @luojie.rg

makesure® 4in1 cat throne

No doubts, your beloved cat deserves one.

Photo by @iambrownsugarthecat


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