YUMMY 2in1 Cat Bowl– Food&Water-Blue

$26.90 USD
20*20*14.6 cm
YUMMY: one 10 out of 10 bowl set for our feline friends to eat and drink in a way that they enjoy.
Inspired by the food “Donut”, we believe this cute bowl to light up your home decor.  Manufactured from the top ceramics – each piece is guaranteed safe.

Hand drafting:



▶ High-quality-Durable accessory-hygienic, easy to wash, microwave safe
▶ Appearance-Yummy signal-Two sweet color (Sakura Pink + Jade Green) but four match available
▶ Versatility- Constant companion with multi-functional design

▶ 2in1 design to protect cats' neck —When they grow up

Designer's Voice

MaShu always found difficulty in eating with his eyes open because his face is a bit flat. The bowls we used before were either too shallow or deep for him. Simply, I made a new bowl to bring him less discomfort while eating or drinking.”       



As its name shows, this donuts-shaped bowl looks YUMMY already! And as always, material quality is our top concern. We want your cats' diet to flow in a hygienic and elegant style as it should be.

“The colour matched his eyes. I purchased a few Makesure pieces from Supermarcat here in Australia & have been really happy with them.”

——Photographer, Australia @themoores_r_us