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2023 NEW-makesure® Boot-Shaped Cat Tree: Scratcher & Cave & Side Table

$64.90 USD

Take your beloved kitty and your living space to the next level with makesure® Multifunctional Cat Scratcher & Cave& Side Table.

This boot-shaped wonder-furniture will keep your cat amused and your living room looking chic with its space-saving design that doubles as a scratcher, cave and coffee table.

Plus, the water-fillable base and replaceable parts mean your pet's furniture can stay looking natty for years to come.

Transform your space into an art gallery and refresh your home with this playful, purr-fect piece of pet furniture!

*Unbox a soft surprise—our cushion colors shuffle in the box, adding a special extra sprinkle of luck to your cat's scratcher!


✅ Features a hollow boot sole for reduced shipping weight; can be filled with water to reach 8KG for stability

✅Includes replaceable rope-wound columns for easy maintenance, promoting longevity of use.

✅Occupies only 0.07 square meters, making it highly space efficient.
✅Crafted with smooth kraft paper rope, paw-friendly and eco-conscious.
✅Every part is replaceable

Must Know

Please note that this product has limited stock in warehouses located in America and China.

If you are not based in the above locations, please make sure to double-check with customer support ( before placing your order.

In normal circumstances, it takes 7-20 working days on delievery if you order outside Asia or the US. However, this highly depend on the uncertain shipping conditions,there could be unexpected delay. In this scenario, no compensation can be given for the orders that arrive late.

We don’t recommend ordering the new products as gifts or for special occasions that are time sensitive.

Thanks for understanding!


how to "spoil" our furriends

in a playful style.


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