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HOLA Puzzle Cat Toy--Make Your Cats Busy and Happy Everyday

$34.90 USD
$29.90 USD
  • This innovative and colorful cat toy set iF - makesure Hola cat toy ( can keep cat's attention in different scences: Roller, Hunter, Maze
  • With a cave-shaped cover and five holes on it, Hola cat toy is designed to fit cat's nature and keep them entertained constantly.
  • Cat parents can set the barriers or put treats inside to play together with them.
Hand draftings: 



▶ Smooth and safe external and internal design

▶ Replaceable inner accessories for longer product life cycle 

▶ High-quality and environment-friendly PP and TPE material  

▶ Flexible and interactive playing configurations

▶ One-step to assembly

▶ Simple but effective toy never get your pets bored

▶ No sharp corners, easy and safe to play.

Designer's Voice

Inspired by cats' hunting instinct, the simulated cave design on its surface can attract cats’ curiosity for sure. Besides, inheriting the mellowing Asian traditional food “mochi '' visual style, we created this cat toy without sharp curves outside and inside to protect the cats while playing at the most.

Lucky for your paw friends, they will enjoy communicative pleasure bringing by HOLA for sure.


Still have no idea how to keep your cat (s) entertained safely for a long time while you are not nearby? Now, you have a better solution with HOLA puzzle cat toy.


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