SODA Indoor Cat Scratching Post, Purrfect Must-Yellow

$59.90 USD
44.8*36.8*54.5 cm

A newly-designed 3in1 indoor scratcher iF - makesure soda cat scratching board ( solve the trouble caused by cats' scratching habits. 

✅ Useful Sofa Protector  (when put it as a vertical scratching post)

✅ Beautiful Home Decor  (when put it as a vertical post without pads)

✅ Functional Tea🍵/Coffee ☕ /Book 📚 Table. (when put it as a horizontal post ) 

Hand draftings:



▶ Crafted from sleek metal with a gentle but stable shape 

▶ Durable sisal fabric and 100% leather with warmth feeling

▶ One step to transform into any mode 

▶ To meet wth both cats’ various scratching habits and humans' interior needs

▶ Shared furniture for humans and pets in urban life

Designer's Voice

“Soda is designed to save cat (s) from releasing their scratching habits without ruining their parents’ beautiful home.”         ——Haizhou Zhang, makesure top designer

iF Design Award

RoHS Compliant

Editor's Choice

Congratulations, you find ONE perfect must-own furniture for your cozy home with paw animals.
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Inspired by cats' scratching nature and humans' decor preferences, we designed not only for cats' scratching but also for you to have a clean and beautiful house without damaged furniture.

Photo by @iambrownsugarthecat